Harry Styles leaving The Shoreditch House in London, July 17th ‘14

 Harry Styles leaving The Shoreditch House in London, July 17th ‘14

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i just wanna laugh, cause you’re tryna be a hipster

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harry styles has the MOST expressive face ever…..


or, a masterpost about how cute harry is (masquerading as a masterpost about his facial expressions)

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 #sometimes i think about zayn and louis - #and i realize that maybe they’re two people who wouldn’t have ever been friends if they’d met outside of the band - #i don’t think zayn would’ve let his guard down for long enough to let someone like louis in - #boisterous louis who speaks too loud and exaggerates anecdotes to entertain his friends - #and i think louis would’ve misread quiet moody zayn as standoffish and a bit up himself and maybe as a defense mechanism louis would’ve been - #like ‘i don’t need to be your friend mate get over yourself’ - #i remember how louis used to hate tattoos and zayn used to hate how disorganized and messy louis is - #and i think of how far they’ve come and how alike they truly are - #both dorky lads whose families and friends come first - #love to reak a bit of havoc and have a good time - #but need their privacy and boundaries respected - #and never want their lives to be misconstrued in the media or the eyes of the public - #because they’re all about the ‘fuck the world’ attitudes but - #but ultimately being percieved and acknowledged as the good people that they are helps them sleep better at night - (via)

It’s one of the things that I love about her the most, her rapid-fire teenage-boy-humor brain — Jodie Foster on Jennifer Lawrence

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